Abigail the creepy doll has gone viral and she's awful

7 June 2019, 17:36

Abigail The Creepy Doll
Abigail The Creepy Doll. Picture: Twitter: @TheNerdyVixen

By Rachel Finn

Abigail The Creepy Doll is here to eat our souls.

You’ve seen the horror movies, right? Those ones where there’s a storyline that goes something like this: family voluntarily brings really freaky looking doll into their house for some reason and then are SHOOK when weird things start to happen. Why do people do these things? It’s like when in every horror movie ever when the protagonist hears a terrifying noise coming from a basement/bathroom/bedroom and then decides to go willingly go towards the noise instead of RUNNING THE HELL AWAY.

Anyway, if you’ve ever wondered if these things could ever possibly happen in real life, they just might. The internet is losing it after a Twitter user Nerdy Vixen (@TheNerdyVixen) shared photos of very creepy doll that she found in an antique store.

“So, I saw this doll at an antique store a few months ago,” she wrote. “I kept thinking about this doll, seeing its face in my head. I decided it was time to bring it home today.”

Meet Abigail.

As you can probably understand, we’re all very concerned for the owner’s life now…

We’ve all seen *that movie* and we have some thoughts…

In fact, someone recommended she get Abigail out out of the house immediately.

But, then again, that’s exactly what Abigail would want us to do, right?

The doll even has its own Twitter account, which is definitely written by Abigail herself…

And she can easily blend in to some classic works of art…

…as well as TV shows.

And…well, this:

Are you scared yet?

We’re pretty scared.

I mean...

Someone pray for our souls.