This website will tell you if you're "cancelled" or not

9 May 2019, 12:46

Am I cancelled website
Am I cancelled website. Picture:
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

A website called will reveal whether you've been "cancelled" by the internet.

Are you cancelled? The merit of cancel culture has come up for debate in recent times but a website called wants to let you know once and for all whether you are indeed cancelled.

The website boasts a "patented 6-point analytics backed by our own battle-tested algorithms and big data collected from social media sites to determine whether or not an account, person, place, or thing been cancelled." Whatever that means!

The website is easy to use. Just type in your username, real name, or name of something you want to check up on. Et voilà, you can find out everything you need to know.

Am I cancelled website screenshot
Am I cancelled website screenshot. Picture:

Amicancelled is not a new site but it appears to be gaining attention on social media as of late. It was launched last year by Twitter user @wipeyadocsoff and the site is pretty simple yet pretty genius.

Let's check in on what has and hasn't been cancelled, shall we?

amicancelledwebsite. Picture: amicancancelled/screenshot
Amicancelled. Picture: amicancelled/screenshot
Amicancelled. Picture: amicancelled/screenshot

Garlic bread, cancelled? I think not.

People are finding out whether they're "cancelled" and sharing the results online.

Of course, this is all fun and games but what do you guys think? Does say you've been cancelled?