21 Among Us memes that will make you laugh unless you're sus

6 October 2020, 14:47

Among Us - MIRA HQ Launch Trailer

By Sam Prance

The funniest Among Us memes about gameplay, the imposter and so much more.

Over the past few weeks, Among Us has broken the internet and the memes are, almost, as iconic as the video game itself.

Among Us is a space-based murder-mystery game in which 10 players have to work out who among them is the murderer. It first came out in June 2018. However, it's only just recently became a viral craze thanks to people discovering it while stuck in lockdown. In January 2019, only four people were playing it per month but now the monthly user figure is over 100,000.

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Given how popular it is, it's no surprise that it's inspired thousands of memes and they're all as hilarious as you'd expect.

21 Among Us memes that will make you laugh unless you're an imposter
21 Among Us memes that will make you laugh unless you're an imposter. Picture: @finelimbo via Twitter, @nocontextamngus via Twitter, Innersloth

Some of the memes focus on intricate aspects of Among Us gameplay, others take Among Us totally out of context and give it a whole new life and then there are those which are just about players being sus and imposters and, honestly, we can't get enough of them. With that in mind, we've put together just a few of the funniest Among Us memes online all in one place.

1) A meme within a meme.

2) Why is this so accurate?

3) Relatable.

4) This is for all the Halsey stans out there.

5) Nice cover up.

6) It never gets old.

7) No. I'm not crying. You are.

8) So what are you gonna say at my funeral, now that you've killed me?

9) Suddenly the imposter is me.

10) Suddenly the crewmate is me.

11) If you know, you know.

12) I love art.

13) Literally the worst part of the game.

14) This meme said 'Gay rights!'.

15) Lauv stans let me hear y'all make some noise!

16) Harry Styles did not come to play with this cover.

17) The 1975 exist in the Among Us universe too.

18) I did not ask to be read today.

19) I can't.

20) Now this is sus.

21. Last but not least...