"And I oop" memes are going viral thanks to RuPaul's Drag Race icon Jasmine Masters

21 May 2019, 18:21

By Sam Prance

RuPaul's Drag Race legend Jasmine Masters is responsible for the "And I oop" meme...

"And I oop" memes are breaking the internet and they're all inspired by Jasmine Masters from RuPaul's Drag Race.

The best memes of 2019 so far...

Meme culture never ceases to amaze us. Memes can be inspired by everything from hit TV shows (Game of Thrones) to wild YouTube beauty vlogger feuds (the James Charles and Tati Westbrook drama). However, more often than not, memes come from places you'd never expect. Just recently, people revived Nicki Minaj's 2012 promo single 'Roman Holiday' in meme form. And now, fans have transformed a quote from Drag Race legend Jasmine Masters into an iconic meme.

Where did the "And I oop" meme come from?

The funniest "And I oop" memes inspired by RuPaul&squot;s Drag Race icon Jasmine Masters
The funniest "And I oop" memes inspired by RuPaul's Drag Race icon Jasmine Masters. Picture: YouTube: Jasmine Masters // NBC

The "And I oop" meme is inspired by a Jasmine Masters video from 2015 called 'Jasmine Masters handle your liquor'. In the video Jasmine calls out friends of hers who drink too much when they socialise. The speech is classic Jasmine Masters but she interrupts herself at the end of it and says "And I oop". She then composes herself and afterwards explains: "I hit my balls" before finishing the YouTube video.

Since then the video has been viewed over 325,000 times and the "And I oop" clip has popped up on social media often but, recently, the clip has gone into overdrive and it's become an iconic meme. Some of the "And I oop" memes use the original clip, others simply use the written phrase and then there are those which exist beyond the realm of words. Here are the funniest "and I oop" memes so far.

Let's start with a real reason to "And I oop"...

We've all done this.

Now for a much more specific one.

We see no lies.

Game of Thrones obviously made its way into the meme.

She really didn't see that coming.

Pigs are in on the meme too.

Why is this so adorable?

Owls as well.

...and I hoot.

A meme for all the mythological nerds out there.


This is for the ladies.


Titanic definitely has an "And I oop" moment.


Hunger Games hive assemble.

Still crying about Rue's death.

Beyhive assemble!

Wow. What a moment.

The edits of the meme really work.

Lady Gaga is that you?

I don't even know what to say about this one.


People can't stop thinking about the meme.


I mean really.

This shouldn't be relatable and yet it is.

A chorus of "And I oop".


Kehlani renamed the meme.

Anna Ou is friends with Noah Fence.


...it's a way of life.

And Jasmine Masters is watching.

Justice for Jasmine Masters balls.