People Are Making Prisons And Cults In 'Animal Crossing' And It's Kind Of F*cked Up

28 November 2017, 12:06

Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing. Picture: Nintendo

By James Wilson-Taylor

Thanks to some weird furniture-based rules, fans of the 'Pocket Camp' game have been able to take their camps into some really dark places.

By now you will be well aware of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Nintendo's latest mobile game based around the wholesome idea of building camps and messing around with your friends and virtual animals.

Except, it's not quite as wholesome as it initially appears, with many fans finding a whole new way to play - by building prisons and starting cults.

As you do.

So why is this happening? Basically, there are some weird rules about furniture that players are using to their advantage:

- placing a lamp causes animals to stand in front of it and turn it on and off again.

- placing an instrument makes animals stand in front of it and start playing random notes.

- placing a chair makes the animals sit in it, no matter where you position it.

These rules have subsequently led to all manner of creative prison and cult set ups from fans of the game. Because it's the internet.

Here are just a few examples of Animal Crossing going down a slightly darker route:

Y'all are crazy.

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