This Guy Just Found A CRAZY Solution To Stop Apple’s AirPods From Falling Out

21 December 2016, 16:44 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Apple AirPods

By Milly Henderson

At first, people got mad about these headphones - now they are getting creative...

Although wireless headphones are (apparently) the future for audio consumption - some people have found Apple's pricey new AirPods less practical than they’d hoped.


By now, you’ve probably heard A LOT of people moaning that they just keep. falling. out.  


However, there is some new found hope… a guy called Andrew Cornett decided he was fed up of his new AirPods falling out of his ear and took things to a weird but creative level that has out done literally everybody else.

Apple AirPod Tweet

If you're lucky enough to have your ears pierced, you'll be able to join this trend before it even happens and hold in your AirPods without risk of them falling out! People are loving it and Andrew has received some pretty positive responses…  


Could this be Apple’s solution for their AirPods?


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