People Are Trying To Recreate Ariana Grande’s Album Pose And It's IMPOSSIBLE

17 October 2017, 14:39

Ariana Grande sitting on a stool meme
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"I've done the research and there's no way"

Ariana Grande can do a lot of things. Her voice is out of this world, she delivers great performances, and she's amazing at interacting with her fans. One thing people are struggling to explain is how Ariana does this. 

Ariana Grande My Everything album cover

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On the cover of Ariana's 2014 album, My Everything, the singer looks serene, despite sitting in an unusual position on a white stool. No one really talked about this in 2014, but the pose is definitely an odd one. 

Now, people have taken notice and are re-creating the iconic cover. 

It all started when one Twitter user tested out Ariana's iconic pose and figured out that it was way harder than it looked.

People soon interjected with photos proving that they had, in fact, been able to pull off the My Everything stool pose.

Other people knew it would be a difficult ask.


Eventually, Ariana weighed in on the debate.

via OWN

So, we're like, 95% sure she is sitting on the stool. Ariana is petite enough to be able to manipulate her legs like this and it would be a weird Photoshop job if that wasn't the case. All the My Everything stool truthers can put the tin foil hats away...for now.