This weird Asian beauty trend is going viral and you'll be so confused

7 November 2018, 17:43

Viral asian beauty transformations
Picture: YouTube/dope211/screenhot/Compilation Plus/Screenshot
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

You'll be in awe of these drastic beauty transformations.

If you've spent any amount of time on the Instagram explore page, chances are you've seen some pretty dramatic beauty transformations.

People going from 100% make-up free to red carpet ready is always fascinating to watch. However, a new trend originating from asian beauty lovers called "viral asian makeup transformations" will put every run-of-the-mill beauty challenge to shame.

People are drastically altering their features with the help of products like spray-on sunscreen, tape, and scar wax. They're also flexing those beauty muscles with very skillful contouring and eyebrow shaping. With the help of an app called Meitu, they're also changing the size and shape of their faces, making the transformations look even more exaggerated.


Basically, in mere minutes, some of those participating in the makeup transformation challenge appear to morph into completely different people.

Beauty YouTuber dope211 explained step by step how she pulled off the viral look and it's extremely elaborate.

First, she taped down the sides of her jaw to make her face look thinner. She then applies a spray on sun screen that makes her skin look paler. Next comes a scar wax to reshape her nose and then it's all down to eyelid tape and a whole lot of makeup.

The most surprising part usually comes at the end when the transformations are reversed and viewers see from end to start just how drastic the changes are.

Obviously this is all in good fun and meant to show off what people can really do with make up and improvised tools if they want to achieve a certain aesthetic.

Would you have the patience to perfect this? In case you weren't sufficiently blown away, here are a few more transformations that will have you shook.

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Beauty lovers, what do you think of these shocking transformations?