These 'Beauty & The Beast' Promposals Will Make You Dance Around The Ballroom

28 March 2017, 14:06 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

beauty and the beast prom
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

It's an idea as old as time, and its cute as cute can be (or something, I dunno, lyric parodies are hard...)

It's promposal season once again and teenagers across America are finding all manner of new and elaborate ways of asking their potential date to do them the honour of letting them hire a limo and escort them to the school hall.

And one movie in particular is inspiring many budding Romeos in their quest for viral romance fame - Disney's live action beastiality-themed fairytale Beauty & The Beast.


Josh Sabater, a high schooler in Vallejo, California, organised a particularly elaborate movie-themed proposal, complete with a glass covered rose and a replica blue and gold beast jacket.


The '90s end credits music definitely adds something doesn't it? Baller.

And the trend appears to be catching on, with several other Disney-inspired promposals popping up online in celebration of the biggest movie in the world right now.







We reckon this is only the beginning of the trend. Get ready for dancing candlesticks and singing teapots before prom season is over.

Had your own awesome promposal this year? Let us know.