Instagram model Belle Delphine is selling her own bath water for $30

4 July 2019, 17:00 | Updated: 4 July 2019, 17:35

Belle Delphine on Instagram.
Belle Delphine on Instagram. Picture: Instagram:@belle.delphine
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

You can't knock Belle Delphine's hustle.

Belle Delphine (also known as 'Weird Elf Kitty Girl') is making sure she's banking coins by coming up with a genius business plan. The cosplayer and gamer is selling her own bath water to her fans and, yes, people are actually buying it.

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Belle, 19, is a popular Instagram model with 3.9 million followers and she made the announcement that you could buy her bath juices on Instagram. "i am now selling my BATH WATER for all you THIRSTY gamer boys," she captioned an image of her holding the liquid-filled jar.

Belle is flogging the bath punch in jars on her website for $30 (£24), which is kind of a bargain if you consider the rising prices of water bills these days. The product description on her website reads: "Bottled while I'm playing in the bath ^-^  This really is bath water.. disclaimer: This water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes."

Belle Delphine's $30 bath water.
Belle Delphine's $30 bath water. Picture:

Is it weird or just insanely clever? Erm, probably both. However, she's already sold over 500 jars in only two days and now it's all sold out – there's only so many baths one woman take, ya know.

Speaking to Metro, Belle revealed what drove her to come up with the genius product. "So, there is a joke in the community among gamers where they will comment on a post saying, 'let me drink your bath water'," she explained.

"And although it’s a joke I just kind of found the idea of turning it into a reality and actually letting people own my bath water funny."

However, bathwater sales have a more sinister side than you'd think. Belle has been received "odd" requests from fans to add some extras to the bath mix.

She continued: "I have had a bunch of odd requests, some have asked me to spit in the water, pee in it and requested the water to come off my body and drip into the bottle from… certain areas. Honestly with the kind of messages that I get daily these requests don’t weird me out anymore."


As to you can imagine, the reaction to the news online was truly something else…

Sign her up for The Apprentice, I say.