The Internet Is LOSING It Over This Hilarious Singing Meme Inspired By Bibble From Barbie

28 August 2018, 17:48

By Mia Collins

This is art...

Picture the scene. You’re scrolling through Twitter when something bizarre catches your eye. A screenshot from an incredibly niche film of your childhood, long forgotten. The image is captioned with a song lyric that demands to be yelled, a la Meryl Streep at the Oscars, or Mike Wazowski style. With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to Bibble.

Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia - Bibble is the "Voice"

I honestly have no idea what kind of creature he’s supposed to be. Bibble was the ICONIC sidekick in a trilogy of ‘Barbie: Fairytopia’ movies back in the ancient time of 2005 (and, yes, I owned them all on DVD). This particular clip is taken from the greatest film from the franchise - “Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia”.

It’s as obscure as it sounds. Like so many of its fallen brothers, this film should have been lost in history. But now, over a decade later, Bibble has reappeared in our lives - as a meme.

Bibble. Picture: Universal Studios Home Entertainment // DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images

He embodies all of the raw emotion we felt while screaming along to our favourite childhood songs in such a relatable manner, it’s only right that we share the best of the bunch with you.

Let’s kick things off with a Gaga classic!

None of us had any idea what we were singing about.

This goes out to every All Time Low stan.

When Alex clears his throat, you know what’s good.

And if you don’t scream along to Evanescence, you’re doing it wrong.


This is a personal attack.

I still sing it like this TBH.

Sometimes we don’t even need words.

You know exactly what this means.

Leona Lewis did not need to go that hard.

She did that. She did that for us.

Naturally, this meme came for everyone who ever had an emo phase.


Bibble can even relate to Dolly Parton.

Who did this to him?

It even fits with High School Musical.

So pure.

And the greatest British teen movie of all time.

I said what I said.

I bet you’re singing along in your head.

Side note: why did our parents never question the stuff we’d sing as kids?

Everybody knows this Natasha Bedingfield BOP.


Even Stranger Things’ Shannon Purser is getting involved.


And to conclude, this delightful image that will haunt your nightmares.

Oh, Bibble.