Billie Eilish's reactions at the Oscars have inspired the funniest memes

10 February 2020, 12:58

By Sam Prance

Billie Eilish pulled the funniest faces during everything from Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph's skit to Eminem's performance.

Billie Eilish memes are breaking the internet and it's all thanks to her hilarious reactions during the 2020 Academy Awards.

The 2020 Oscars took place last night (10 Feb) and, as always, the ceremony had its fair share of surprises, disappointments and key moments. Parasite made history as the first foreign-language film to ever win Best Picture, the show faced backlash for not including Luke Perry and Cameron Boyce in their In Memoriam and Eminem appeared for a surprise performance.

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Billie Eilish also attended the awards show and her reactions during the ceremony have launched a thousand memes.

The funniest Billie Eilish reaction memes from the Oscars
The funniest Billie Eilish reaction memes from the Oscars. Picture: Amy Sussman/Getty Images, ABC

Billie Eilish was at the 2020 Oscars to perform during the In Memoriam segment honouring actors and people in film who've passed away during the past year. Billie performed a moving stipped back cover of the Beatles' 'Yesterday' with her brother Finneas accompanying her on piano. The rendition made viewers cry but it wasn't just her singing that stole the show.

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Billie also made people laugh with her expressive reactions throughout the ceremony and they've inspired countless memes. When Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig were performing a skit, Billie pulled a bewildered face. People also began confusing the face Billie pulled during Maya and Kristen's skit with a face she pulled during Eminem's performance.

It appears that Billie wasn't dissing Maya and Kristen or Eminem with her reactions. Fans are pretty sure she just saw herself on camera and was cringing at seeing herself. However, it didn't take for long the internet to immortalise her in meme form. So without further ado, here are the memes.

Let's start with a relatable one.

Timothée hive assemble.

Pineapple slander will not be tolerated in this house.

It's going to be a long year.

No comment.

Fake news!

This is a little meta.

Billie wasn't alone.

And last but not least...

...well almost least.