The 'Bird Box Tattoo Challenge' is now a thing and it's as stupid as it sounds

16 January 2019, 16:48

The 'Bird Box Tattoo Challenge' has become the latest viral challenge based on the Netflix movie
The 'Bird Box Tattoo Challenge' has become the latest viral challenge based on the Netflix movie. Picture: Netflix, via YouTube

By Katie Louise Smith

A Brazilian tattoo artist has started a new viral blindfolded challenge and like, honestly? Sandra Bullock didn't risk her life on the rapids for this...

Ever since Bird Box dropped on Netflix, the internet has not stopped talking about it. The record breaking post-apocalyptic movie starring Sandra Bullock has now become the most watched film (within the first seven days of release) on the streaming service and has cemented itself in meme history.

Along with the never-ending memes, the film has also spawned the incredibly stupid and very dangerous 'Bird Box challenge', which sees people go about their day while wearing a blindfold. Some people have attempted to drive while blindfolded, others have *blindly* walked into traffic... the challenge got so out of hand that Netflix actually had to issue a statement warning people not to do it.

BUT THEY DID IT ANYWAY and now, the challenge has evolved. First it was the boring old Bird Box challenge... now it's the Bird Box tattoo challenge. And yes, really. And it's ~exactly~ what you think it is...

In the video, a blindfolded Brazilian tattoo artist attempts to tattoo an image of a man wearing a hat onto the torso of another guy. He is literally attempting to PERMANENTLY mark the CHEST of another human, with a tattoo gun, while BLINDFOLDED. Can you believe that it has come to this? Sandra, look at what your cinematic masterpiece has created!

Throughout the video, the blindfolded artist struggles to find his outline (obviously, because he's blindfolded and he can't see) and is eventually guided by the guy on the table, who isn't much help at all.

Needless to say, the results are absolutely shocking and if you squint a little bit, it kind of looks like if a 5-year-old had drawn a picture of Homer Simpson wearing a hat. Good effort, though. 10/10 for courage. 0/10 for sense.

The trend has already hit YouTube with a ton of other people attempting the challenge but please, PLEASE do not try this one at home. Don't do it to yourself. Listen to Gary and take off your dAMN BLINDFOLDS.