The boys' locker room meme is so dumb it's genius

16 May 2019, 17:54

Boys locker room meme
Boys locker room meme. Picture: CW/Screenshot
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The boys' locker room meme hilariously 'reveals' all the weird stuff boys do when they're together.

Does anyone know what goes on in a boys locker room? I mean, really know? A new meme is explaining all the preposterous things that could feasibly take place in the boy's locker room and it's the internet's funniest new meme.

Know Your Meme says the "boy's locker room meme originated on Russian social network, VK in early April 2019, and has since spread to Reddit and Twitter. The meme exaggerates so-called differences between run-of-the mill gossip in the girl's locker room and the all out chaos in the boy's locker room.

According to the internet, the boys locker room is really... different.

And, apparently chaotic.

Can any boys out there confirm this?

Or this?

Oh my... god?????

I think that boys do this at sleepovers too.

Big mood.

Obviously "boys" are not a monolith and there are plenty of chaotic "girls" locker rooms, too. But we love a stupid meme and an over-exaggerated photo. Now, when are we getting some gender inclusive locker room memes?

What do you guys think of this dumb perfect meme?