Brother Nature reportedly started fight in Miami according to new CCTV video

9 December 2019, 11:59

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

The owner of the sandwich shop is pursuing legal action.

Over the weekend, disturbing footage of Brother Nature being beaten up by a group of men at La Sandwicherie Brickell in South Beach, Miami, emerged online. Although it looks like Brother Nature (born Kelvin Peña) is being attacked, the owner of the sandwich shop where the incident took place has denied that this was the case.

On Saturday morning (7 Dec), a video of Brother Nature being attacked by several men inside a restaurant started circulating the internet. In the footage, you can see the men throwing punches whilst he sits on the floor of the restaurant.

More footage shows them also fighting outside, where the men continue to beat him, with Brother Nature not doing anything back. No-one appeared to help him throughout the altercation, instead people just recorded the fight on their phones. Eventually, a restaurant employee diffuses the situation.

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TMZ confirmed that police were called to the restaurant at 5:45am but no arrests were made and everyone who was involved had left the scene.

Brother Nature Fight Video.
Brother Nature Fight Video. Picture: @BrotherNature via Twitter, @lasandwicheriebrickell via Instagram

After the video made its way to Twitter, Brother Nature addressed it. He tweeted: "I know there’s a video out of me getting jumped, everyone in the pizza shop literally just watched, with their phones out, and did nothing. Oh well." He shared a second tweet, a video this time, showing himself holding an ice pack to his swollen face.

Brother Nature developed his popularity through his caring and adorable interactions with animals, so the internet was sickened that no-one helped him throughout the altercation. However, apparently, the video didn't show exactly how it all transpired.

According to the owner of the sandwich shop where the argument went down, it was Brother Nature who initiated the whole thing. The owner released CCTV footage of the fight on their Instagram page, showing him seemingly confronting a group of men and the employees at the restaurant.

Apparently, Brother Nature walked into the restaurant with two women just as they were closing, The Shade Room reports. The owner claims the tables and chairs had already been stacked up but Brother Nature took them down and demanded to be served.

The sandwich shop workers reportedly explained that they were closing but he could still order food at the counter, but Brother Nature allegedly demanded that he was served at his table and was rude to staff. "I don’t know who he is. He’s a customer, so we’re going to treat him like any other customer," the owner told The Shade Room. "That's what we do. We make good food and treat our customers well and we’ve done that for 30 years."

A few men dining in the restaurant then began filming him after recognising who he was and Brother Nature is thought to have become agitated, asking them to delete their video. However, they refused which led Brother Nature to allegedly offer to fight them outside. The restaurant workers tried to keep the peace and once outside went to lock the doors to keep the altercation from the ruining the restaurant, but Brother Nature came back in and allegedly attacked another man, who had not initially been in the fight.

"Our employees asked them to not fight here," the owner added. "We had to separate them. I have all the footage. He pushed the wrong guy."

The owner believes that Brother Nature is trying to be the "victim" in the situation and they are now pursuing legal action for the damage caused. They continued: "The story has gone too far. He posted that as if he was the victim. He tried to crush my restaurant… I’m giving all the footage over to the police and I’ve called my lawyer."