People are filming their mum's reactions whilst they shop for condoms and I'm crying

25 June 2019, 13:11 | Updated: 25 June 2019, 14:08

People are filming their mum's reactions whilst they shop for condoms.
People are filming their mum's reactions whilst they shop for condoms. Picture: Twitter:@vibrantcurlz
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

This just might be one of the riskiest internet challenges yet…

When it comes to preparing yourself for sex, you probably don't want to have your mother around with you. However, that's exactly what some people are doing for the internet's latest challenge.

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People are actually throwing condoms into their shopping carts when out with their parents and the results are absolutely hilarious.

It all started with a viral tweet from @vibrantcurlz. She was shopping at Target with her mother and grabbed a box of condoms. As she threw it into the shopping cart her mother craned her neck around and gave her a very telling look. No words needed.

"when you wanna have a city girl summer but ya momma got other plans," she captioned the video. After the clip went viral, @vibrantcurlz suggested making it into an internet challenge and soon people started joining in.

If you want to give it a try (and perhaps risk your life) it's pretty simple. Just take your mother out shopping, grab some condoms and throw them in the shopping cart. Make sure the cameras are rolling too so we everyone can see the reaction.

It works with all forms of contraception, tbh.

Later, @vibrantcurlz's mother explained the reason for her reaction after the video unexpectedly blew up. Some people insisted her daughter should have got a "beating" for pulling the stunt but she doesn't want to stop her 19-year-old daughter from having safe sex, it was just a little "awkward".

She said: "I'm not that parent you guys! I'm mum for sure, but she's 19, my older two are obviously adults and just don't parent that way I think we need to get out of that culture of beating our kids ass everytime they do something that we think they shouldn't do or something that makes us feel a little uncomfortable."