16 Times the detour meme summed up your entire existence

28 December 2018, 22:24

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The detour meme hits way too close to home.

Earlier in 2018, the distance meme had Twitter users opening up about their vices and bad habits. Now, its successor, the detour meme, will have you wondering how people on Twitter can sum up your entire existence so well without even knowing you.

The detour meme depicts someone starting off at one point, avoiding something that is good for them, and going toward an unhealthy habit. The meme begins at one red push pin emoji and ends up at another red push pin point, which usually represents a behaviour someone exhibits in order to avoid addressing real problems.

People are sharing all the good habits they've been avoiding and some of them are way too relatable.

This is way too real. Just @ me next time.

You're supposed to just...get it.

It be like that.


Hello darkness, my old friend.

Once you hear "I just find it funny how..." just know we're not even close to being done arguing.

oh my GOD.

Colours other than black? I don't know that emotion.

"Just liking a character". Nah, never.

Why you gotta be so LOUD.

If you know, you know.


My body is begging for water and normal food, huh?

Guess which one of these is free.

Cool cool cool cool cool coool cool cool cool.

Oh, look. A photograph of me.