17 times 'the distance meme' hilariously summed up your entire existence

23 October 2018, 20:47

Distance meme
Picture: Twitter/sohnianika/Lili Reinhart/screenshot
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

You could almost say that this meme really...goes the distance (sorry).

2018's best memes have provided non-stop laughs all year. The 'Nicki Stopped My Bag' and the 'Let's Get This Bread' memes have had us rolling with laughter in recent weeks. It's Twitter's latest joke format, the distance meme, that is absolutely the most relatable thing you'll see all day.

What is the distance meme?

If you've ever denied something a little too hard only to embrace it a short while later, you'll feel these jokes right inside your soul. People on the internet are sharing their own vices, habits, and traits and you'll be torn between laughing and relating a little too hard.

For instance, when you and your bank account agree to stop ordering takeaways and yet...

2 minutes later you're trying to decide between the egg fried rice or the noodles.

Me knowing full well that I'm precisely 2 business minutes away from being back on my BS

Your favourite artist after seeing that you finally have some coins in your savings account.

Beyonce said "YOU THOUGHT".

*extremely Jake voice*: Cool cool cool cool cool cool

Me lying to myself about not catching feelings for the 9789404th time.

ETA: 2 minutes

I'm not saying liking toxic boys is my brand, but liking toxic boys is definitely my brand.

Ooop. Well

my body: please...a vegetable. something green...pLEASE

me: ya'll hear something?

Just know that when I say "i'm cool", I am almost certainly the farthest thing from cool.

Let's keep it πŸ’―: I'm crying now

*nervous laughter* ugly? I...don't...know her

Let's get this bread, fam.

Are you trying to tell me that crying at 1 am is weird or???

my sense of direction:

Starting any sentence with "I just think it's funny how" means I've got a 45 minute argument queued up.