This Dog With A Gigantic Tongue Just Became The Derpiest Meme Of 2017

6 June 2017, 12:56

dog with giant tongue
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The derpiest canine on the internet can be photoshopped into every situation you can think of.

A dog with a gigantic tongue has truly saved us all from boredom this week, instantly becoming the subject of the greatest photoshop battle in recent memory.

Reddit: ilovetuckeramer

Reddit user ilovetuckeramer posted the shot of the loveably derby canine and the internet has really come through with the memes this time.

First up, here's biker dog working a leather jacket!



Check out this old school gent with a boater hat and everything.



Ok, now I feel a bit sick.



If Sid ever decides to pack it in, this would be perfect.



Same goes for that live action The Lion King remake coming up.



Dear lord.



Blaze it doggo!

Sirlancelap: Imgur


And perhaps most terrifyingly of all...



Somehow it just works though.

God bless you gigantic tongue dog - you really have been the gift that keeps on giving.

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