This Guy Went To Drake’s Birthday Party And Took Selfies With Literally Everyone

25 October 2016, 15:29 | Updated: 13 December 2018, 12:46

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Who the f is this guy?

If you've been scrolling through the internet today, you might have noticed a lot of places reporting on Drake's 30th birthday.

The superstar rapper held a party to celebrate his birthday and invited a lot of his celebrity friends along. As Mashable, Daily Mail, Elle and other noted, those guest included moral enemies Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and their mutual ex-boyfriend, John Mayer. Scandal.

What you might not have noticed is that most of those pictures came from the same Instagram account, one @indianteddybear. Here's a side-by-side with the man himself and Katy, John and TayTay McSnakeFace.



Here he is with the birthday boy, who's carrying round a wad of cash for some inexplicable reason.

Drake and indianteddybear

It's lit.

But, in a bizarre twist, this is not the first time @indianteddybear has hung out with celebrities - far from it! Our celebrity selfie hero has also been snapped with pretty much EVERYONE and has his own catchphrase hashtag, #itslavishbitch.

Here he is having a LOL with Ozzy Osbourne. 

Ozzy Osbourne Indianteddybear


He's been getting cozy with Justin Bieber, aka the most un-cozy person in Hollywood. 

Justin Bieber indianteddybear


DJ Khaled features a lot. Maybe they're legit friends? I wouldn't put anything past @indianteddybears enviable camera roll.

DJ Khaled indianteddybear


Here's an exclusive pic of @indianteddybear and his girlfriend, Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande



Ngl, if we were at the same pool party as Jaden Smith, we'd prolly ask for a picture too.

Jaden Smith indianteddybear 


He's even got a picture with Sylvester Stallone!

sylvester stallone


The list goes on and on (and on and on...) Kendall, James Franco, Snoop; you name, they're on his feed. But none of these people compare to the inimitable, the unstoppable, the greatest, Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders


Well done, IndianTeddyBear, you're officially the thirstiest selfie taker in town. We salute you. the hell are you and why are you always with these mega famous people? How does one get into all these parties? Hook a bitch up, ffs. 

It's a bit of mystery. Does anyone know who the hell this person is? Please, if you have any information, get in touch. We can't offer any rewards except a honorary degree in sleuthing. 

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