The drink water challenge is the next viral trend and it's thirsty AF

5 April 2019, 17:31

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Hydration but make it fun… ?

We've seen some wild challenges this year. The Microwave Challenge left everyone truly stumped and we still can't figure out how people are doing it. And then there was the Emoji Challenge that made our group chats scream. But there's a new "challenge" on the horizon.

The "how do I look?" challenge will make you wish that you're an only child
Apparently, the next hot trend is drinking water. Yep, that's it… just regular water. At least there's a few health benefits, I guess?

AaaronDrinksWater/confused Nick Young meme
People drinking water on YouTube is the next big viral challenge. Picture: YouTube:AaronDrinksWater/CassyAthena

It's pretty simple, all you need to do is grab a bottle, or glass if you want, and drink it. Nothing else. It's actually been going on for years, but it's predicted to be the next big thing.

There are even YouTube channels dedicated entirely to downing pints of the stuff. For example, Aaron Drink Water's entire page is dedicated to – you guessed it – drinking water. In fact, he's posted 5,783 videos of himself drinking water so far.

Now, there are a bunch of copycat water drinkers sprouting up over on YouTube.

Aaron Drinks Water #4581 where did you all come from?

Drinking Alot (NOT TOO MUCH!) of Water Challenge!

Jon Drinks Water #7745

Water at the Park #3

Kelvin drinks water #1

tom drinking water

Matt Drinks Water #1

Cardoy Drinks Water #1

Beware, though, it's not as tame as you think. Drinking too much water in a short time can be dangerous because you can over-hydrate yourself. It flushes out your kidneys so they can't process the water fast enough, which would cause your sodium levels to become too low.


So, drink responsibly.