Egg boy memes are breaking the internet after Will Connolly egged Fraser Anning

18 March 2019, 18:07

By Sam Prance

Teenager Will Connolly went viral after egging islamophobic politician Fraser Anning...

Egg boy memes are breaking the internet and it's all thanks to Will Connolly.

It's hard to believe it but just a few days ago we had no idea who egg boy was and now he's become an internet hero. If you are still yet to find out who egg boy is, here's the 411. This weekend gone by, Australian senator Fraser Anning caused a stir after blaming the recent terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand on the country's immigration policies. In other words, Fraser is Islamophobic and, unsurprisingly, widely reviled in Australia.

On Saturday (Mar 16), teenager Will Connolly egged Fraser during a press conference and Fraser then hit Will. Naturally, the video immediately went viral on social media and it wasn't long before people started praising Will. Obviously, there were a few people who weren't impressed (Brian McFadden... um okay) but many people were happy to see Anning get egged and it quickly spawned many hilarious memes.

Check out the funniest egg boy memes below.

Egg boy memes are breaking the internet after Will Connolly egged Fraser Anning
Egg boy memes are breaking the internet after Will Connolly egged Fraser Anning. Picture: Seven News // Twitter

The memes themselves are extremely varied but they all take inspiration from the same event. Some focus on the egg itself (the second iconic egg of 2019), others are based around egg boy (the Will Connolly appreciation is real) and then there are those which, like any meme, take on a life of their own (the internet really did its thing with this one).

Here are just a few of the egg boy memes.

First things first, some respect for the egg.

A skinny legend.

History is repeating itself.

Two legends.

Egg boy is getting his dues.


Egg boy has a competitor.

I'm crying.

Vegans have questions.

Rotten tomatoes?

The theory behind the egg.


Brian McFadden isn't proving popular.


Twitter is having a wild one.

If you know, you know.

The inspiration behind egg boy.

What a woman.

Now this is a read.

We need to stop giving white supremacists platforms.

Let's not forget that actual work still needs to be done.

In Australia and all around the world.

Still we are ready for bum girl to become a thing.

Fearless queen.

And last but not least a word from the man himself...

Egg man it is.

Shortly after the video of the egging went viral, a GoFundMe page was set up for Will Connolly to help with any legal fees he might face following the incident. He has since revealed that he will be donating all money raised to victims of the attack in Christchurch.