This New Robotic Animal Is the Perfect Companion If You Love Attention But Hate People

10 October 2017, 15:58

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Take all our money.

If you crave love and attention but hate other human beings, usually you'll get a cat. Simple. But what if you fucking hate cats too? Well, good news, as there's now a robot on the market that will give you all the attention you need, meaning you can avoid spending time with all living creatures.

That's right. Japanese company Yukai Engineering recently unveiled the Qoobo, which is essentially a fake, headless cat. It has a soft, round cushion for a body with a robotic tail that will wag if you stroke it. It’s being positioned as the “cushion-tailed therapy robot” and while it’s certainly cheaper than therapy, we’re not 100% convinced about its healing properties just yet.

The headless cat thing will reportedly be about $100 when it finally goes to market in June 2018. It will have an eight-hour battery life with USB charging and will come in two colours: ‘Husky Grey’ and ‘French Brown’.

We gotta know: are you going to buy a Qoobo or should it be thrown out with the litter tray?