19 savage memes about the Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin college scandal

13 March 2019, 17:08

Felicity Huffman and Lori Laughlin are being roasted on Twitter about their alleged college scam
Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are being roasted on Twitter. Picture: Frazer Harrison/Staff, Paul Archuleta/Contributor

By Katie Louise Smith

The internet is absolutely dragging actresses Huffman and Loughlin over the alleged college admissions scandal.

Nothing unites the internet like a good celebrity scandal, does it? It was reported yesterday that Desperate Housewives actress Felicity Huffman and Full House actress Lori Loughlin - alongside 30 other people - were named in an alleged college admissions fraud scheme.

At time of writing, Huffman was arrested and released on bail and Loughlin is in custody. The indictment - obtained by TVLine - alleges that Huffman and Loughlin (amongst others) were involved in a bribery scheme that saw cheating on college entrance-exams (Huffman allegedly paid $15,000 for someone to take her daughter's SATs) and bribes accepted by athletic coaches to designate school applicants as athletic recruits, despite the students not playing sports (Loughlin and husband Giannulli allegedly paid $500,000 for their two daughters to attend USC as part of the rowing team.)

Due to the sheer absurdity of the situation, Twitter completely erupted after hearing the news. The hashtag #FreeAuntBecky started circulating alongside memes, tweets, March Madness brackets about who would play them in the movie... basically, it was a free for all.

Here are some of the wildest reactions to the scandal:

The situation sounds more like the plot of a fast-paced HBO drama than it does real life but who will play Felicity in the inevitable series?!

Vera Farmiga seems to be the front runner...

But not if Laura Dern gets there first.

Following Felicity's arrest, people were quick to point out that her mugshot would complete a perfect trifecta alongside Jane Fonda and Lindsay Lohan.

People made Desperate Housewives jokes...

And people were quick to pull up images from Full House too.

Comedian Akilah Hughes even re-wrote the lyrics to the Full House theme tune.

You honestly couldn't make this up.

There are easier ways to cheat, guys.

It's literally unbelievable.

Even Lori's daughter, YouTuber Olivia Jade, found herself caught up in the entire thing.

And to top it all off, Felicity Huffman proved there really is a tweet for everything.