The "First Of All" Meme Is Taking Over Twitter And The Jokes Are Absolutely SAVAGE

16 October 2017, 12:22

First of all memes
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

FIRST of all...

The "first of all" meme has landed on Twitter and the jokes are already completely out of pocket. Everyone knows those hilarious moments when someone assumes something and you have to set the record straight. Twitter turned that obscure feeling into a savage meme and we cannot handle it. 

1) For anyone who has ever looked at their account balance and seen £3.76


2) First of all, that's the point.


3) wHO?


4) Can't relate.


5) first of all, BYE.


6) First of all, who said I wanted to find someone like you?


7) You tried it.

8) Push me to the edge all my friends are...wait.


9) Second of all, try this other one.

10) ;__;


11) oh.

12) hAVe yOu tRieD WaTEr?

13) First of all, her nickname for you is Bigfoot.


14) You're saved as *Weird guy do not reply*


15) First and FOREMOST

16) I'm not acting, bih.

17) First of all, you have the right to remain silent.