14 Memes Only People Obsessed With 'Funko Pop!' Will Understand

14 June 2017, 14:12

funko pop memes
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Whether you are a hardcore collector or just love browsing through Hot Topic, you'll understand the obsession of these Tumblr posts only too well...

We all know that once you get one Funko Pop!, you just can't Funko Stop! (sorry) as the obsession takes over, forcing you to fill your bedroom with as many of those slightly squashed versions of TV characters, Disney princesses and emo rockstars as you can physically afford.

But don't worry - you are far from alone. There are many more people out there like you with full on Funko fever, making memes for us all to enjoy together while we wait for the Twenty One Pilots figures to FINALLY drop.

Here's just a few of our fave memes that truly understand our pain:

1) We knew we should have worried about him...

funko pop 1

Tumblr: simonslittlepuff

Why did we listen?


2) We've all been there.

funko pop 2

Tumblr: avengersmemes

Would have a similar reaction to a Sherlock one too tbh.


3) Tyrone knows.


Just can't get enough.


4) Think she's spotted our limited edition Mr J.

Instagram: @funkopop_queen

Us every time we go to Hot Topic.


5) Never gonna hear us say it.

Instagram: @funkopop_queen

Nope, that's just impossible.


6) Um...


Disney, we love you but what is this?


7) Because S&M really stands for Send & Me More Funkos.


Instagram: @funkopop_queen

Imagine if one fell out of order though? Carnage.


8) Tag yourself.

Reddit: beingevolved

We could be any of them depending on our mood.


9) The fight is real.


When it comes to Pop!s we will fight you.


10) Sigh.

Instagram: @funkopop_queen

Guess you Cali guys are just gonna have to move. Sorry about it.


11) Oh sh*t that is serious!


You're basically married now.


12) Always listen to that inner voice.


Who needs rent money anyway?


13) Ok, this would legit petrify us.

Tumblr: soup-erb

We would watch that Netflix series for sure.


14) The struggle is real.

Tumblr: avengersmemes

The list of other figures this applies to is, frankly, endless (give us the official Riverdale line dammit!).

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