This Girl's Simple White T-Shirt Was The Most SAVAGE Halloween Costume Of The Year

1 November 2017, 15:57 | Updated: 1 November 2017, 16:01

Commitment t-shirt
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

WHY didn't we think of this first?

If we've learned anything from this year's Halloween festivities, it's that the internet is getting scarily good at celebrating the holiday. We've seen some pretty innovative looks for the spookiest day of the year, but we might have found the one costume we wish we'd thought of first. 

A Minnesota based student named Haleigh Connor went as the "scariest thing" she could think of. Commitment.

The joke will probably resonate with anyone who has ever had an annoying experience with a would-be partner who couldn't get their act together. 

But it wasn't just the costume that had people quaking. It's the fact that Haleigh tagged her exes in the photo. 


A post shared by Haleigh Conner (@hales.conn) onOct 27, 2017 at 6:01pm PDT


She posted the same image to Twitter with the caption "Happy Halloween to everyone except my exes" and received some mixed reviews on the look. 

"Imagine still being this bitter about ur exes lmfao," wrote one person.

Haleigh was clearly joking, so we're pretty sure it's not about "being bitter". Either way, lots of people enjoyed the costume and she has nearly 20k likes and 3k retweets on the post.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Haleigh said that the negative comments about the costume didn't really bother her. "It’s not worth it for me to look at all the comments...these people don’t know me or know the joke so I’m not too bothered by it!" 

Personally, I'm not sure how anyone could interpret this as anything but a hilarious joke. Exes are there to make fun of, otherwise, you pretty much tortured yourself for nothing. A+ look, sis.