The Heart-Shaped Boob Challenge Now Exists And You’re Going To Be Very Confused

10 August 2017, 16:56 | Updated: 10 August 2017, 17:21

Heart Shaped Boob Challenge
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Much boob very confused.

Viral trends and challenges are known to be weird. They rarely make on any sense or have any purpose and, to be honest, we kinda like that. Not everything has to make sense or have some sort of greater meaning, especially when it comes to memes and the like. But sometimes something comes along and we're really lost for words and the heart-shaped boob challenge is definitely one of those times.

The challenge started on Weibo, the Chinese social media site, and has already generated over 2 million clicks (we can't think why!). Despite having no real cause or meaning behind it, thousands of people are uploading photos of their heart shaped breasts on social media. 

To get the full effect, you've got to use your top fingers to press your nipple out of sight and then curve the rest of the boob with your thumbs. As The Metro noted, if your boobs are on the smaller side, or your nipples are too large to be hidden beneath your finger tips, you won't be able to get the heart shape, which basically means the trend is pretty much just a way to show off conventionally attractive breasts. *rolls eyes for infinity*

One commenter said it "looks like it would hurt" and we understand what they mean.



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Others think it's just harmless, wholesome fun.



Another friend does it! Keep it coming ladies and I'll share! ;) #heartboobs #boobies #boobs #demtitties #booblovers

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Can't wait for the heart-shaped penis challenge.



I heard this is a thing in Asia ;) Heart for #heartshapedboob #heartboobs #heartboobchallenge #boobs

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What do you think of the heart-shaped boob challenge?