Everyone is thirsting over this "Hockey Butt" ad starring Dylan Larkin

4 October 2019, 12:06 | Updated: 4 October 2019, 12:15

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Sales are about to go off the charts 📈

We didn't know much about hockey, but thanks to Dylan Larkin, suddenly it's our new favourite sport. The professional hockey player revealed that being a sportsman comes with a number of challenges. It's dangerous, brutal… and it makes it extremely hard to buy trousers.

That's why clothing company State & Liberty recruited the Detroit Red Wings player to raise awareness for the ailment that has been appropriately named Hockey Butt.

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Apparently, because hockey players' butts are disproportionately large for their waists the struggle to find good fitting trousers is real (same, tbh). Dylan featured in the ad for State & Liberty to discuss how he has been affected by Hockey Butt.

Hockey Butt ad.
Hockey Butt ad. Picture: @stateandliberty via Instagram

"I know a big problem that a lot of athletes and hockey players have is shopping for pants," Dylan said. "We have relatively small waists, and big quads, and big thighs, and big butts."

Dylan explained that when he's buying trousers it is difficult to find something that fits him on the waist and isn't a bootcut at the bottom.

"I can't really buy a pair of pants off the rack to fit me," he added. "Even when I get a pair custom-made, I can't move around and stretch in them. Every time I bend down I feel like I'm going to bust through the seams." Poor thing.


Now, keep in mind that whilst he's explaining his trouble finding trousers that fit he's doing deep squats, lunges and thrusts right in the eye-level of the camera. Basically, he's demonstrating just how hard being bootylicious is.

Of course, the internet had a field day with the clip and the thirst was all too real.

State & Liberty, thank you for your services.