The 'HOW LONG?!!!' meme is the greatest thing on the internet right now

7 November 2018, 17:34 | Updated: 7 November 2018, 22:29

By Sam Prance

Another iconic meme has cemented itself in viral history and it's all thanks to Vanessa from 'EastEnders'...

2018 is starting to draw to a close and it's safe to say that it's been a wild ride on the meme front. Over the past 10 and a bit months, we have been blessed with countless, iconic viral moments. It's already hard to imagine life before the 'weird flex but ok' meme (hilarious), the Miley Cyrus staring into your soul meme (this one is art) and the big dick energy meme (if you've got it, you've got it).

However, some of the funniest memes this year have been made from videos both old and new. From the 'You guys are in a crisis' meme (hilarious) to the 'How convenient is that?' meme (genius), the internet has been immortalising everything from memorable Supernanny scenes to Cardi B's Instagram stories. And now people are using EastEnders as inspiration.

Check out the best 'HOW LONG?!!!' memes below.

Vanessa Gold from 'EastEnders' has inspired the 'HOW LONG?!!!' meme
Vanessa Gold from 'EastEnders' has inspired the 'HOW LONG?!!!' meme. Picture: BBC // Brian Lawless/PA Archive/PA Images

Anyone from the UK will already know that EastEnders is one of the biggest soap operas of all time. Ever since it first aired in 1985, viewers have been obsessed with its dramatic scenes and wild storylines. Taking all of this into consideration, it's no surprise that it translates perfectly into meme content and no EastEnders character is more meme-able than Vanessa Gold.

Played by the brilliant Zöe Lucker, Vanessa is already a meme queen (that gif of the angry white lady screaming is Vanessa) but it's the 'HOW LONG?!!!' meme that is currently breaking the internet. It's taken from a scene in which Vanessa realises that she is being cheated on and screams 'HOW LONG?!!!'. People are applying it to everyday situations and it's genius.

Here are just a few of the most hilarious 'HOW LONG?!!!' memes.

It works if you've ever been to Subway...


...or if you're doing some online shopping.

This is too relatable.

Popstars need to take note of this meme.

I'm crying.

When your friends recommend you a new series.

Is it a mini-series or do I have to watch eight 22 episode seasons?

It's a meme for short kings...

We need more male petite ranges.

...and for those who struggle to cook.

Seriously though, I don't want salmonella.

Straight people can relate to the meme.

Patience is a virtue.

Gay people can relate to the meme.

This cuts deep.

Londoners are being targeted by the meme.

This is an attack.

Greggs customers unite.

No one should be made to wait for Greggs.

It wasn't long before the meme got explicit...

No comment.

...and a little bit meta.

This is beautiful.

And last but not least the meme that started it all.

God bless the internet.