Michael Cohen's testimony inspires the super relatable "how many times" meme

28 February 2019, 14:00

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

After his appearance before a congressional committee, Michael Cohen's "how many times" exchange with Rep. Speier has gone viral on Twitter.

Michael Cohen, former personal lawyer and "fixer" for US President Donald Trump, delivered testimony before the House Oversight Committee yesterday (Feb 27). There were many revelations over the course the marathon hearing, but none have inspired more memes than a particularly fascinating exchange between Cohen and Rep. Jackie Speier.

Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Testifies Before House Oversight Committee
Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Testifies Before House Oversight Committee. Picture: Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

During the Cohen testimony, Speier asked the former lawyer how many times Trump had directed him to threaten other individuals.

When Cohen answered that it had been a number of times, Speier urged him to try and approximate.

"100 times?" she asked. "More," Cohen responds in the video.

"200 times?" asks Speier. Once again, Cohen indicates that it happened "more" times than that.

"500 times?"

"Probably," Cohen says, finally.

The glib exchange quickly caught traction on Twitter, inspiring people to meme instances where they'd repeatedly performed tasks or found themselves in amusing situations.

People paired the "how many times" Cohen video with hilarious pop culture references.

Yeah, if somebody asked me how many times I'd watched Beychella, my answer would also be "probably" 500.

Inevitably, the subject turned sports.

Some also applied the "how many times" Cohen video to their favourite music.

And just about everything in between.

How many times did we die laughing at these memes? 100? More. 200? More. 500? Probably.

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