People Are Angry About This HUGE Change To HQ Trivia

26 February 2018, 12:51 | Updated: 27 February 2018, 11:01

HQ Trivia
HQ Trivia. Picture: Press

By James Wilson-Taylor

If you live in Europe, you have probably noticed some pretty big differences to the mobile quiz game over the last week or so.

UPDATE - 27/02/18

Well, that lasted a while! As host Sharon Carpenter announced at the start of the 9pm GMT game on February 26th, Europe has now reverted back to the US game after all the complaints. As you were everybody.

ORIGINAL POST - 26/02/18

By now, you must have heard of HQ Trivia, the live gameshow on your phone that lets you win actual cash by answering 12 questions correctly.

It is a lot of fun, strangely addictive and causing arguments in offices around the world as we speak.

But, users in the UK and Europe have been left pretty angry after their games were grouped together earlier this month, forcing them all to compete directly against each other for the cash.

While the UK have been playing their own games in GMT hours hosted by Sharon Carpenter, the rest of Europe had previously been joining in with the US version which has a bigger amount of prize money and is hosted by Scott Rogowsky. The change came into action officially last Thursday (February 22rd) and users in all the countries included have been pretty unhappy about it.

For UK players, the number of contestants has suddenly doubled or tripled, with weekday afternoon games now often reaching the 30k or even 40k number.

Players on the continent meanwhile are annoyed that the questions still appear to be aimed at UK users, leading to some very confusing local references forcing them to get knocked out.

Plus, given the sudden huge increase in users, many others are also experiencing a slower game and often can't login at all.

Despite many complaints on social media, HQ Trivia have yet to deliver a response. We'll update you if more details become available but, for the time being, it looks like Europe will be playing one big game all together.

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