People Are Obsessed With This Meme Of Victoria Justice Being Shady To Ariana Grande

27 April 2017, 11:47 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The internet can't handle this video from their "Victorious" days.

One thing the internet does well is turn up old videos and give them new life. 

Most of us are probably aware that Ariana Grande wasn't always an international pop sensation. She used to appear on a Nickelodeon show called Victorious, starring Victoria Justice. At that stage, everyone involved was probably focused on becoming a "break out star", so tensions likely ran a little high. 

Those tensions gave us this video which I have watched 247 times today. 

People think Victoria was being salty about not wanting the label of "singer" to go to Ariana. And, as it turns out, that wasn't an isolated incident.

It's understandable. Victoria Justice was trying to build a singing career at the time so it would have been in her best interests to keep the "singer" crown for herself. 

Either way, people are howling at the sheer pettiness of it all and now it's a bonafide meme.

"I think we all want to die"

[presented without comment]

Some of the jokes are honestly so meta.

A callback to much simpler times

I think we ALL know that ya'll can turn 19 seconds of video into the meme of the month. Good job, internet!

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