The 'If I Was On Queer Eye' Meme Will Make You Question Your Life Choices

27 June 2018, 15:43

Queer Eye
Picture: Netflix
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Karamo: “get your shit together”

We can all be our own worst critic and we bet you have a mental list of things you would 'fix' about your life, if only you had the time and the energy.

That's what's SO appealing about having Queer Eye's Fab Five take over your life. The show returned for its second season a week ago to transform more lives down in Georgia. And what a difference they've made! Tan France has single-handedly educated the entire world on the french tuck, they've helped bring together Jason and Beth on episode 4 and we lost our minds, and now we have a new favourite meme too.

Basically, the Fab Five have enough gay power between them to change your life forever. But what would they actually say to you if you were to go on the show? Well, that's the exact concept of the latest meme to go round Twitter. Yep, people are actually reading the f**k out of themselves and revealing what they think Tan, Bobby, Antoni, Jonathan and Karamo would say to them about their current lifestyles and, honestly, it will make you have a cold hard look at yourself in the mirror.

This meme speaks the truth, the whole truth and nothin' but the truth.

I don't want to even know what the ass mannequin is about (or do I?)

We must be honest with ourselves.

I don't care what Bobby says I love a futon.

Some people are just on a higher plane.

Praise the LordT.

Calling the Fab Five so you can thirst on Antoni? Iconic.

We've got first dibs on Tan. Sorry about it.

Someone rightly pointed out that Jonathan would NEVER point out our bad qualities.

Protect Jonathan at all cost.

Just imagine...

We would actually scream.

Channeling the Fab Five should be a daily routine.

We feel better already.

We're ready for the real thing now.

We too love cheese.

So what do YOU think the Fab Five would say to you?