13 Savage Tweets About The New iPhone's Facial Recognition That Will Make You Say "I'm Done"

13 September 2017, 12:36 | Updated: 13 September 2017, 12:40

Apple X Facial Recognition Tweets
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"Does the iPhone X have FaceID for all the two-faced people in my life?"

Apple Inc lit up the internet this week after announcing a new flagship phone, Apple X, and a brand new facial recognition login system, Face ID

It was a big day for Apple, but that didn't stop people on the internet from doing what they do best. From "two faced" people to cheating partners, people jokingly wondered what kind of trouble this new facial recognition software would get them into. 

People wondered if their love of makeup was going to complicate things.

Jaqen H'ghar just became a problem for a lot of people.


And Arya, of course.


Others are a bit worried they might be alittlee...generic looking.


And it's pretty much-guaranteed that Face ID is going to try and sass you in one way or another.

"Time for your quarterly cosmetic surgery."


Some people think girls will adapt and start setting up a long con.

For some reason, people were really worried about all the two faced people in their lives.


People are sure it will work because of how...um...unique looking they are.