"It's Coming Home": The Best England World Cup Memes So Far

4 July 2018, 20:15

It's Coming Home
Picture: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images/Twitter

By Katie Louise Smith

In case you didn't know... it's coming home.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is our duty to inform you that football (not soccer), is in fact, coming home and it's bringing a brand new meme with it. YAY SPORTS!

For the first time in twelve years, England reached the quarter final stages of the World Cup. Even better than that, they won the game on penalties for the first time in their own World Cup history. (England have previously had a VERY bad track record with penalties. We don't talk about it. The memories have been repressed. It's still too soon.)

ANYWAY - after winning against Colombia on Tuesday (July 3), Twitter exploded and people are beginning to embrace the fact that football might actually be coming the f*ck home this time.

In case you're not well versed in the world of English football, "It's coming home" is a lyric in the iconic World Cup anthem "Three Lions" by Badiel, Skinner and The Lightening Seeds. The song is basically about the day England finally brings home the World Cup trophy once again after their historic win in 1966.

Here are some of the finest "It's coming home" memes on the internet:

In conclusion: it's coming home.