The "King of R&B" debate has turned into a truly wild meme

11 December 2018, 12:03 | Updated: 11 December 2018, 12:33

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Would the real King of R&B please stand up?

When Jacquees boldly declared himself the "King of R&B" he probably wasn't expecting this reaction. The 'You' singer stated in a video posted to Instagram that he was the best artist in the R&B game right now – and the internet wasn't having it.

"I just wanna let everybody know that I'm the king of R&B right now," he stated. "For this generation, I understand who done came and who done did that and that and that, but now it's my time. Jacquees the king of R&B."

Three of the five Muses in Hercules/Tom Holland drinking tea
The "King of R&B" debate is now a meme. Picture: Disney/Pinterest

Of course, not everyone agreed him. Many suggested Chris Brown (urgh) or Usher would hold that title considering their impact on the industry and the amount of records they had sold. Kehlani suggested Beyoncé would be King of R&B because, c'mon it's just Beyoncé. Meanwhile, Chrissy Teigen put her husband John Legend forward for the crown. It wasn't just celebrities, though, everyone had their own opinion and a heated debate on who was the real King of R&B ensued.

Gabbie Hanna's "so what if I'm the monster" lyric is now a terrifying meme

Naturally, people found a way to turn all the reactions and responses into a truly wild variety of memes. The internet is a marvellous place, indeed.

Joanne the Scammer with the shade.

An absolute classic.

How could you forget Demarcus?

Wig = snatched.

The production value speaks to me.

These guys had their vocals down.

Such talent.

A smooth duet.

Let us not forget these Grecian Queens.

The old school collab we needed.

A message.

Steve Smith can actually break it down.

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