The ‘Let’s Get This Bread’ meme has taken over Twitter but what does it mean?

23 October 2018, 18:41 | Updated: 23 October 2018, 19:10

Let's Get This Bread meme
Picture: Lionsgate/20th Century Fox via Twitter

By Katie Louise Smith

Me: *choking on a piece of bread* Paramedics: let’s get this bread

A new meme has risen, internet friends. In the past month, we've been blessed with some of the best memes of the year. We've had the Nicki stopped my bag meme, a ton of American Horror Story Michael Langdon thirst memes and, of course, the 'weird flex but ok' meme but none have been more iconic than Twitter's new 'let's get this bread' meme.

What does 'Let's get this bread' actually mean?

Well, the phrase is generally used to describe the daily grind. According to the number one trusted source, Urban Dictionary, the phrase means: "When you rise and grind. Hustle on da streets and earn that paper."

But the whole meme started because Tuesday (October 16) was actually "World Bread Day." Once people realised, the phrase exploded on Twitter and turned into one of the best memes of the year.

And now Twitter is full on inspiration, demotivational and general bread memes. So without further ado, here are some of the best tweets, that'll remind you to wake up and getcha damn bread:

What would Peeta Mellark do? He would get up, bake this bread and then get this bread, that's what.

I'll get this bread when I'm dead!

Honestly, what if you're off carbs? What if you're gluten free?

Olive Garden is the epitome of Getting This Bread™

You know what they say, the most successful people in life are those who hustle 24/7 and... ducks.

Shakespeare couldn't even write a tragedy this compelling.

Bread? I only know Brad.

January: let's get that broke ass bread, February: let's get that single bread etc etc etc.

Let's get that festive schhhmoney!

If you listen closely, you can hear Jean Valjean cackling in the distance.

But seriously, don't be reckless about getting that bread. Your time will come. Be patient. Stay blessed.

Both literally and figuratively.

Can't the damn bread just get itself?