18 Lin Manuel Miranda Memes That Will Make Your 'Hamilton' Wig Fly

4 December 2017, 16:03

Lin Manuel Miranda
Lin Manuel Miranda. Picture: Tumblr

By James Wilson-Taylor

From his musical facial expressions to his Twitter shenanigans, this man is bascially the walking embodiment of memes.

Let's face it - Hamilton creator, Moana composer and all-round good guy Lin Manuel Miranda is basically a living meme. You know it, we know it and we are pretty sure he knows it too.

So, with Hamilton FINALLY set to open in London's glittering West End later this month, we thought we would take this golden opportunity to track down all of our fave Lin-related memes from across the internet.

Here are just a handful of examples that are guaranteed to leave you in a better mood:

1) This iconic look.

Beach body goals right there.

2) What did you just say?

Nobody mocks my religion like that.

3) Tag urself!

We are definitely a Miranda Cosgrove.

4) Scholarly.

Studying you can believe in!

5) The perfect xmas gift.

That's Secret Santa taken care of.

6) Mood.

We've all been there right?

7) Remain calm.

Smooth AF.

8) The new Elf On A Shelf.

Can someone also make 'Aaron Burr On A Fur'? Thanks.

9) Not entirely sure what this is but it is enjoyable.

It blew us all away in the office.

10) Where my Broadway nerds at?

Full trash, sorry not sorry.

11) Grabbing that AUX cord like...

Cue evil laugh.

12) Savage.

The Demon Barber Of Social Media.

13) Dammit Jimmy, stop looking!

You're making it too obvious...

14) Relatable AF.

Better stop posing for photos and get back to work.

15) Apparently there are some differences...

...we can't spot them though.

16) Which one are you?

We're Mr Big tbh.

17) The universe always knows.

Bitch, don't kill my vibe.

18) And finally, this iconic piece of video.

*taps mic* COMING OUT OF MY...

Posted by PopBuzz on Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Play this at our funeral.

Got your own fave Lin meme? Share it over in the Facebook comments and we'll see you down the front for Hamilton.