Lindsay Lohan's Controversial Instagram Live Video Is Now A Meme

2 October 2018, 17:14 | Updated: 2 October 2018, 17:23

By Sam Prance

In the video, Lindsay accuses a family of child trafficking...

If you've been anywhere near the internet recently, you will have probably seen Lindsay Lohan has been trending for reasons which you couldn't even begin to imagine. The Mean Girls star took to Instagram Live this past weekend to post a video of herself in Moscow, Russia. So far so normal, except for the fact that the clip sees Lindsay approach an unknown family on the street and accuses them of child trafficking.

Yes. You read that correctly. In the early hours of the morning, Lindsay went on Instagram to tell her followers that there was a Syrian refugee family that she was worried about (for the record it is unclear if the family are Syrian or refugees). She then shared a video of her attempting to take the young boy with the family to her hotel. The woman who appears to be the child's mum punches her in response.

Watch the confusing video above.

Lindsay Lohan
Picture: Steve Ferdman/SIPA USA/PA Images // Instagram

To top it all off, Lindsay puts on a fake accent in the video and makes bizarre statements like: “This is not Arab; you're ruining Arab culture by doing this" and "Don't fuck with Pakistan”. It should go without saying that all of this is wrong. Not only has Lindsay been offensive to various cultures but she has also harassed a seemingly homeless family for literally no reason at all.

The video ends with Lindsay crying and making out that she is a victim: “I'm, like, in shock right now. They were trafficking. I was just, like, so scared." Unsurprisingly, the internet is beyond unimpressed. Reactions range from fans calling out the 'Get A Clue' star for being offensive and inappropriate to people making memes out of the incident. Here are just a few of them.

Some just couldn't get over why Lindsay is trending.


We're still struggling to process it all.

Others are calling Lindsay out on her bullshit.


What on earth was she thinking?

A few people are comparing Lindsay to fictional kidnappers.


No comment.

Actually a lot of people are doing this.



She literally comes across like some sort of Disney villain in the clip.


This all happened.

Even the writer of Herbie: Fully Loaded commented on the incident.

Did he lie?

Now fans are poking fun at the fact that Lindsay has a new hobby.


How do we live in a world in which this meme make sense?

It's safe to say that Lindsay is being read.


It's what she deserves.

Then there are those who can't believe that this is now an actual event which we will be able to reference for years to come.


September 29th folks.

And last but not least there are those who are cancelling their Halloween costume plans.


It's probably for the best.

As it stands, Lindsay is yet to officially respond to the backlash. We shall update you as soon as she does.