The funniest Love Island memes 2019 (so far)

10 June 2019, 21:51 | Updated: 10 June 2019, 21:56

Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Every single funny meme and tweet from the brand new series of Love Island. Updated weekly.

It's here, it's finally here. Love Island 2019 has officially returned to our screens.

As always, the reality dating show will bring drama, it will bring romance, it will form national heroes and will no doubt have us all crying over a couple who only met two weeks ago. But most importantly, Love Island will bring the memes.

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Just like last year, the entire nation will be busy for the next two months, every weekday between the hours of 9pm and 11pm, trying to go viral with a tweet about who ever is getting mugged off or coupled up. Some of us will get our well deserved RT's and some of us will flop. It is truly the World Cup of tweeting.

Here are all the best and funniest memes from Love Island 2019 so far. This list will be updated on the reg so you don't miss out on a single meme. You're welcome xoxo.

Love Island memes: the best tweets from 2019
Love Island memes: the best tweets from 2019. Picture: ITV, @solo_kalin

This is Yewande's moment, Amber. Don't. I beg you.


Like I said, Anton... overtime...

Molly-Mae, sweetie...

Anton is grafting so much they're gonna have to pay him overtime soon.

Michael and Yewande really could be THAT power couple though.

Things are not going well for Tommy.

The accuracy is FAR too much.

I'm not saying that Joe is Joe from You but I'm also not NOT saying it.

Joe in the shower is already the stand out reaction image of the season.

Joe really put all his eggs in one basket on day two.

I'm not saying it's what Amber deserved but, it's what Amber deserved.

Please. No. I beg.


Haven't socialised like this since last year.

Tommy is 100% my type on paper.

It's the new "Danny Dyer is your dad!?"

Some people think that Anton looks like Robbie Rotten...

Lucie! Stop trying to make 'bev' happen! It's not going to happen!

Anna! Please! Think of the short boys out there!


Ohhhh, Anton.

And i- OOP!

Sorry but Sherif and Anna... Lamar and Khloe... i-

Justice for my man Sherif!


Yewande stans, lemme hear y'all scream!

No one text me after 9pm for the next two months. I'm busy. Thanks x

Apparently none of the Islanders can dance this year?

People are already dragging the show for not delivering on their body diversity claims.

First Kem, then Eyal... now Joe.

I SAID my brother is Tyson Fury.

Love Island starts on Monday June 3rd at 9pm on ITV