15 Crossover Events That Are 100% More Ambitious Than "Infinity War"

23 March 2018, 14:43 | Updated: 8 August 2019, 12:21

Marvel Crossover Event Memes
Picture: Disney Channel

By Katie Louise Smith

That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana? Infinity War WISHES.

Gather round, my children for a new meme has been born. Marvel has claimed that the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movie is set to be the most ambitious crossover event in history but the internet has receipts and for the last week, has been proving them wrong one tweet at a time.

Sure, there's reportedly over 40 superheroes joining forces for one big ol' world-saving event but does it really have what it takes to reach the heights of these iconic and ambitious pop culture crossover events from the days of yore? It wishes.

1) Like, ok but the Disney Channel did THAT™.

2) Sure, Infinity War has like, three Chrises but does it have... Billy Ray Cyrus? I think the fuck not. NEXT.

3) Beyoncé, Miley, Mary, Mariah, Carrie, Ciara, Leona, Rihanna, Natasha, Nicole, Ashanti, Keyshia... and FERGIE.

4) Uhhhh, have you met the House of Mouse?

5) Tumblr will see you in court.

6) Call me when you manage to get Britney and Christina in the same room again. Bye.

7) Tony Stark WISHES he could assemble a team like this.

8) So ambitious, they still haven't even given us the sequel the promised.

9) Only REAL '80s kids will get this reference.

10) Could this BE anymore ambitious?

11) How can you claim this when Space Jam exists?

12) Try again, Marvel.

13) I know you didn't just disrespect Far Far Away Idol like that.

14) Spare me your T'Challa and Cap nonsense. It will never touch this majesty.

15) Marvel, we'll let you have this one.