People Have Turned This Cute AF 'Matilda' Scene Into A Viral Internet Challenge

15 August 2018, 13:39

Matilda Challenge
Picture: Tristar Pictures/screenshot/AlanaGonzalez1/Twitter
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The 1996 film 'Matilda' has inspired an adorable internet challenge.

Everyone's favourite 90s movie is getting its life again on Twitter thanks to the viral #MatildaChallenge. Matilda probably holds a special place in every 90s kids heart and who can forget the scene where she tests out her telekinetic powers to the song "Little Bitty Pretty One" by Thurston Harris.

What is the Matilda challenge?

Matilda spoon feeds herself some cereal, switches on the lights, and even rings a bell with her powers in this lighthearted cinematic moment and now people are trying to recreate it with some seriously cute results.

The #MatildaChallenge involves people collaborating with their friends to make things turn on and move, seemingly through the power of telekinesis.

Some people did the #MatildaChallenge at home.

And some people did the #MatildaChallenge at school.

Suddenly, I want to go back in time and not skip home room every day.

Some people even did the #MatildaChallenge at the library.

My local library just puts up passive aggressive signs about eating so this is actually...way cooler.

Of course, these are SO cute but everybody PLEASE be careful.

Do you ever look at a video and FEEL the pain?

The film's star Mara Wilson even shared some videos of people doing the #MatildaChallenge.

These are so lovely. 10/10 for everyone involved.

Of course, it's all fun and games until you realise you don't have enough pals to do the challenge.

Ya'll the #MatildaChallenge is so pure, we can't handle it.