People can’t believe what MattyBRaps looks like 12 years after going viral

16 December 2022, 17:36

Billie Eilish laughs at TikTok mocking her looks

By Katie Louise Smith

"Excuse me, what. This is matty b???"

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Remember MattyBRaps? The 7-year-old who went viral in 2010 for his massively popular music videos featuring him rapping? Well, it's been 12 years, Matt is now 19 and he's just gone viral again in a new TikTok video because people can't believe how different he looks now.

Matt, who shares videos under the username @iam_mattmorris on TikTok, posted a video of himself sporting longer hair and a beard and all hell broke lose in the comment section because people actually couldn't believe it was the same person.

In his viral video, Matt was reacting to the general comments from fans who say that want "little Matty B back" after he posts videos of himself on TikTok "getting older and changing".

MattyBRaps goes viral on TikTok
MattyBRaps goes viral on TikTok. Picture: MattyBRaps via YouTube, @iam_mattmorris

Over 16.5 million people have now watched Matt's video, with 3 million leaving a like and 30,000 leaving a comment. And just as you would expect, the majority of the comments are from people who grew up watching MattyBRaps' music videos and now can't believe how different he looks.

"Excuse me, what. This is matty b???" one shocked user wrote, with another adding: "NO WAY UR MATTY B I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT." Countless others also commented on how much he apparently resembles "Billy from Stranger Things".

In response to the captions on his video, the vast majority of people who loved him as a kid reassured the singer that they loved his new look too.

For those who haven't thought about MattyBRaps in a loooong time, he's still pretty successful on the internet. He's got almost 2 million followers on his personal account (@iam_mattmorris) and a further 3.5 million on the @mattybraps account. Although, he hasn't posed on there since July 2022.

His YouTube channel boasting 14.7 million subscribers is also still active, with music videos from him and other artists being posted every month.

Speaking to Insider about the reaction to the video, Matt said: "A lot of older fans comment on how they miss little mattyb and how I look so different, so I thought it would be funny to make that reference."

"I think the surprise of me having a beard and longer hair makes people not recognise me as much, causing them to be shocked when they make the connection."

Matt also confirmed to Insider that he's hoping to reconnect with his now-older audience on TikTok and continue to record original music and share it on the platform.

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