Are all McDonald's drink sizes are the same? People are undecided after this viral TikTok

11 November 2020, 12:00

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

It's a real conspiracy...

A TikTok video which shows a McDonald's employee revealing that all the McDonald's drinks hold the same amount of liquid has gone viral.

Mikah Neufeld (@mykah.mykah) shared a video showing Coke being poured from a small cup into a medium cup and then into a large cup. The viral clip was captioned: "They do be lying to us doe [sic]," and it currently has almost 12 million views.

The McDonald's conspiracy has left the internet perplexed and reignited a heated debate – but is it true? In the comment section, some who claim to have worked at the fast food chain have said it's true, however, others are sceptical because Mikah never actually shows that there isn't already liquid at bottom of the cups making them appear more full.

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This isn't exactly a new debate, though. In 2014, BuzzFeed compared McDonald's cup sizes from around the world, finding that the small cup is 16 ounces, the medium cup is 21 ounces, and the large cup is 30 ounces.

There's even a five-year old Reddit community page dedicated to finding out the truth about McDonald's drink sizes. One comment read: "I used to work at McDonalds, a large (US) is 32 ounces and a medium is 21. So yes, bullshit."

Meanwhile, an investigation from fact-checking site Snopes also answered the internet's burning question. It concluded: "The small, medium, and large cup sizes at McDonald's do not hold the same amount of liquid. This is a joke that uses a clever trick: The medium and large cups were pre-filled with liquid, unbeknownst to the viewer, to make it seem like they do."

Mikah has responded to the claims that he had pre-filled the cups in the comment section. "People who think there was already coke in the cups," alongside four clown emojis.

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