McDonald's Made A Fork Out Of French Fries & It Makes Zero F*cking Sense

2 May 2017, 11:53 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

mcd frork
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

So, just how does this weirdly delicious contraption known as the 'Frork' work exactly?

McDonald's have taken fast food into the future with their latest product - a fork made of french fries.

Aka, The Frork.

See what they did there.

Announced via a parody infomercial, the Frork will seemingly be used to tie in with their current Signature Crafted Recipes promotional campaign.

Yes, gone are the days of using plastic (or metal if you're fancy) tongs to eat your dinner with, replaced by hot potato that is basically part of the meal already anyway.

But, as much as we enjoy the pun in the title and are partial to the culinary skills of Ronald and chums, we have a few issues with this innovation and, before we consider putting it anywhere near our mouth, we are gonna need the answers to a few key questions:

1) Can the Frork handle the weight of one single McNugget or is it only good for sauce?

2) How do the fries stay in their Frork positions? If you eat the top of them, do they loosen and fall?

3) Is there some kind of reloading system or do you just have to use your fingers?

4) What are the relevant height requirements of a french fry for maximum Frork-ability?

5) Is it dishwasher friendly?

Please get back to us ASAP McDonald's - we are pretty damn hungry over here.

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