A 'sexy' Meghan Markle Halloween costume is on sale and WTF

17 October 2018, 18:24 | Updated: 17 October 2018, 18:36

By Sam Prance

The brand have used the Duchess of Sussex's wedding dress as inspiration...

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may only be newly weds but costume outlets wait for no one.

It's that time of year again. Halloween is a mere two weeks away from us which means that we have just days left to choose what we are going to wear for the big occasion. Will we go spooky? From The Haunting of Hill House to A Quiet Place there are plenty of brand new horror series and films to inspire us. Or will we keep opt for something funny? There are plenty of memes we could go as tbh.

That being said, every October 31st brings with it its own selection of weird (you can dress up as an influencer this year) and offensive (cultural appropriation is never cute) outfits. Not only that but clothing outlets seem to turn pretty much everything they can think of into a 'sexy' costume. This year has already served us some awful ones and now a 'sexy' Meghan Markle bride dress is on sale.

Check out the outfit in full here.

Meghan Markle and Yandy's Halloween costume inspired by her wedding dress
Meghan Markle and Yandy's Halloween costume inspired by her wedding dress. Picture: Mike Egerton/PA Archive/PA Images // Yandy

Yes. We weren't joking. You can actually wear a brand new 'sexy' ensemble inspired by Meghan Markle's very own wedding dress this scary season. The item in question is being sold by American retailer Yandy and is being is called the: 'American Princess Costume'. Not only that but the description reads: "You're living an actual fairy tale! Get ready to walk down the royal aisle".

The outfit itself costs $49.95 and comes with a white mini dress, tulle veil and a bejewelled tiara. We aren't fashion experts but we're pretty sure that it doesn't actually bear much resemblance to Meghan's wedding dress bar the fact that it's white. They've obviously made it shorter too to go with the 'sexy' theme of all of their Halloween costumes.

All things considered, we're pretty sure that we could make a better costume ourselves. With that in mind, we think we'll keep on looking before deciding on our official outfit for Halloween 2018.