"Memes" Were A Category On A Gameshow And The Internet Went Insane

13 January 2017, 16:17 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Memes Jeopardy Episode
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Finally, a game show we could win!

If one of your high-key aspirations in life isn't to appear on a gameshow and win a ton of money then you're doing it completely wrong. 

For all those with the golden dream, something magical happened last night (Jan 12) that will make you scream with joy. The famous gameshow Jeopardy served up some categories on the latest episode that sent Twitter into an absolute meltdown. Yes, you guessed it. All the names of the categories in the game were names of famous memes. 

The categories included "What colour is the dress?", "Keyboard Cat", "Yas Queen", "Dad Bod" and "'Me'mes".


Needless to say, every single meme lover's dream came true.


Just when we were getting hyped to sit down and challenge ourselves by answering the quiz questions and prove that we could take home the maximum prize money, it turns out that NONE of the questions behind each category had anything to do with memes AT ALL. *cries* So, we've created five special Meme Jeopardy questions especially for you. Can you score five out of five?

Dank Memes for $200:

Damn Daniel Jeopardy 

Dank Memes for $400:

Crying Jordan Jeopardy 

Dank Memes for $600:

Arthur's Fist Jeopardy 

Dank Memes for $800:

Pepe Jeopardy 

Dank Memes for $1000:

Harambe Jeopardy

Answers: 1) What is Damn Daniel? 2) What is Crying Jordan? 3) What is Arthur's Fist? 4) What is Pepe The Frog? 5) What is Harambe?

Finally, a game show we could genuinely win!

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