19 Savage Met Gala Memes That'll Have You Clutching Your Rosary Beads

8 May 2018, 13:16

Kendall Jenner Met Gala Meme Tweet
Picture: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images/Twitter

By Katie Louise Smith

Rihanna dressed as the Pope. Cole and Lili walking the carpet together. And memes - what more could you want?

Fashion's BIGGEST and wildest night happened last night (May 7) and it did not disappoint. Thanks to a great theme, we saw crowns, we saw capes, we saw jewels, we saw Jesus. We saw new couples (Cole and Lili, Shawn and Hailey, Grimes and... Elon Musk!?) We even saw the Pope and she looked FABULOUS. This Met Gala truly had EVERYTHING.

And you know what else it had? Memes. A lot of them. Here are some of the best tweets, memes and drags of the night.

I'm sorry Kendall my dear but you are UP for elimination.

Everyone LOST it over both Rihanna and Chadwick's looks.

The Pope is TRULY shaking.

Not only is he my King, he is my Jesus and also my God.

Pope Fenty the I

Look, sometimes people miss the mark, ok? It's fine. (It's not fine at all, can't you people AHDERE TO A THEME?!)

What's the theme? Catholicism? SAY NO MORE FAM.

I hear what you're saying and I'm just not into it.

Best dressed. 100%.

Hello and welcome to Fashion Police!

Here's my worst dressed of the night: THREAD!

The Young Pope deserved better than this garbage.

No comment.

She looked AMAZING!

In the name of Solange Piaget Knowles Ferguson, I beg.

Is it Jared Leto, or is it Prince John from Robin Hood? Have we ever seen them in the same room?

At least we got a meme upgrade.


Are these lyrics to a new Migos song?