The motor oil on pancakes meme will make you rethink everything

28 November 2018, 13:36

Pancakes with syrup or motor oil Kevin keller reaction
Picture: Getty Creative/Brian Enright / FOAP/CW
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

A video about motor oil on pancakes went viral and now it's a meme.

The internet is more than just a destination for your favourite memes and celebrity feuds. Sometimes the internet is good for learning some mindblowing facts. This week, thanks to one of those viral handy tips videos, people on the internet have learned that motor oil is sometimes used to replicate the appearance of syrup in food advertising and people are officially shook.

The video in question explains that professional food photography often requires photographers to get creative with staging.

A Twitter account called Tips & Tricks shared the "photography hacks" video by Blossom and it's already been viewed 14 million times in 5 days.

Other tips highlighted in the video include adding dish soap to a pint to keep the head foamy for longer and using shaving cream instead real whipped cream because it doesn't melt.

Why is motor oil used on pancakes in ads instead of syrup?

The motor oil on the pancakes trick is an alternative to real syrup because syrup can absorb too quickly into the pancakes and create a soggy effect. The video also explains that, to keep the pancakes looking tall, upright and fluffy, cardboard is inserted in between the breakfast food.

This is a pretty interesting behind the scenes look at food photography tricks but the motor oil as syrup fact is giving Twitter users major trust issues.

Are we looking at pancakes and syrup or pancakes and motor oil?

We may never know.

People also imagined what it would be like to request motor oil while ordering pancakes at IHOP.

Uhh, yeah, lemme get some low-sugar motor oil if you have it.

There is nothing that sums up this whole ordeal more than realising you've been hungry for motor oil this whole time.


What do you guys think? What's the weirdest photography hack you've ever heard about?